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Feeling Anxious? Music can help.

Nearly 40% of adults (and 60% of young adults) have experienced psychological distress since the beginning of the pandemic (Pasquini & Keeter, 2022). Feeling anxious, nervous, or on edge and having trouble sleeping were the most common feelings of psychological distress (Pasquini & Keeter, 2022). Wondering how to manage anxiety? There are plenty of stress management and relaxation techniques that are proven to reduce anxious feelings. Below are a few examples:

- Yoga

- Exercise

- Progressive muscle relaxation

- Guided imagery

- Mindfulness

- Meditation

- Body scan meditation

- Spend time in nature

- Music, specifically curated

Today, I want to focus on this last one, music. Neuroscientists have been studying the effects of listening to calming music, finding that some music can have a 65% reduction in overall anxious feelings and a 35% reduction in physiological resting rates (Curtin, 2017). Those are remarkable statistics! Head over to my Resources Page for the full “Emotional Play List”.

Anxiety should be taken seriously. This list is not all-inclusive and your overall treatment plan should be discussed with your therapist for the best results. Psychotherapy can help you assess, understand, and alleviate anxiety by using evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions.

It is brave to ask for help. Please get in touch with me for a free 15-minute consultation. I provide services to children (8+), adolescents, adults, couples/relationships, and families. I provide in-person services in my Santa Cruz office or by telehealth to residents of California.



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