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EMDR helps with trauma and so much more

I am now EMDR trained and so excited to bring this truly innovative and highly effective modality to my clients. Did you know that EMDR treats more than trauma? It can also help with many other psychological concerns (see image).

You might be wondering about its efficacy, right? "More than 30 positive controlled studies have been done on EMDR therapy, including some studies showing that 84%–94% of single-trauma victims no longer have PTSD after three 90-minute sessions" (Valdez , 2022; EMDR Institute; EMDRIA). In a recent study, Altmeyer et al. (2022) found that EMDR therapy leads to a high rate of remission of depression, and is associated with a decreased number of relapses. They found that "Patients with depression receiving EMDR treatment may be more resilient to stressors"(Altmeyer et al, 2022).

* Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to see if EMDR or my integrative psychotherapy is right for you. I provide services to children (6+), adolescents, adults, couples/relationships, and families. I provide in-person services in my Santa Cruz office. Telehealth is available if deemed clinically appropriate.



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